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Privileges & Responsibilities

IGR Privileges:

1) May attend any weekly "7-4-7" event - 7 members giving one another a seven minute "prospector report" for new business opportunities with an additional 7 minute networking educational presentation.  There are also 4 minutes to introduce members and agenda.

2) May barter/trade with fellow Members of BBC and eValues network.

3) May attend all monthly Open House meeting/mixer.

4) May be considered for IG Leadership role (aka “747 Pilot”) with weekly calendar commissions/responsibilities.

5) May purchase Sponsorship Ad in cash or trade (as referenced in #3 below where member automatically secures Sponsorship Ad according to policy 4D from BBC Agreement.)



Minimum Annual Membership Requirements:

1) Attend at least 2 (bi)monthly Open House meeting/mixer (6-12 per year)

2) Introduce at least 3 prospective members at any of (semi)monthly meetings or (bi)monthly Open House in an annual period.

3) Join BBC Membership within four 7-4-7 Event Calendar visits.  For applicants representing industries that may prohibit participation in barter networks including most financial institutions, IGRs membership may be secured as a Sponsor to BBC utilizing policy 5D from the BBC Agreement.