Trade from the beginning . . .

. . . the first American "referral" network began trading with one another!

US history records the settlers using trade wampum with the native Indians.

By the early 1800's, labor notes began another alternative currency.

Obviously the trouble with old fashioned barter is the need to equalize the value being exchanged.

During the Great Depression, what has become known as the State Theatre of Virginia accepted as payment food goods from local people. Hence it was also nicknamed Barter Theatre.

What are the origins of money? Did you say barter? Perhaps the conception of money is only as "foreign" as this comparison from the sports arena - Do you know the roots of America's pastime? Maybe these snapshots will help you to recognize baseball's origin from the international game of cricket?

Although it may not be as simplistic as this illustration in a barter economy, you may indeed find more of what you want from what you may already have!

How should one evaluate a trade exchange?

Use the checklist!

If you know the game of chess, the most powerful piece on the board is arguably one's Queen, yet the name of the game, at least defensively, is to avoid checkmate of one's King. In business, where "Cash IS King," TRADE is like the power of one's versatile Queen! The lifeblood of any business is CASH FLOW. If it stops - the business dies - R.I.P. Organized trade can help leverage cash flow. What if you could increase your buying power from 80% to 200%!?! Organized trade can be that profitable! Find out how simple it is to get started today.