Privileges & Responsibilities

IGR Privileges:

1) May attend any weekly 7-4-7 event - 7 members giving one another a seven minute "prospector report" for new business opportunities with an additional 7 minute networking educational presentation. There are also 4 minutes to introduce members and agenda.

2) May barter/trade with fellow Members of BBC and the Trade Alliance network.

3) May attend all monthly Open House meetings/mixers.

4) May be considered for IG Leadership role (aka “7-4-7 Pilot”) with weekly calendar commissions/responsibilities.

5) Includes Member Listing and Sponsor opportunities (in cash or trade as available)

Minimum Annual Membership Requirements:

1) Attend at least 2 monthly Open House meetings/mixers (6-12 per year)

2) Introduce at least 3 prospective members to any weekly 7-4-7 event or monthly Open House meetings in an annual period.

3) Prospective members have up to four free visits to a Calendar Event before they must submit an application and application fee. For applicants representing industries that may prohibit participation in barter networks including most financial institutions, IGR membership may be secured as a Sponsor to BBC utilizing policy 5D from the BBC Agreement.