Why Trade?

It's like riding a bike.

Follow this simple but effective analogy. Do you remember riding or teaching someone how to first ride a bicycle? What had to happen in order for that first time rider to take flight and ride that bicycle? He or she had to believe that when they pedaled those two pedals - they were going to move!

Similarly, there are two aspects of a bartering network that make the network and its "riders" move. One is MARKETING and the other is BANKING. On the marketing side, bartering will bring you new customers. On the banking side, it can help finance your expenditures. REMEMBER THIS ANALOGY.

Imagine increasing your revenues by as much as 7-10% (Marketing) and decreasing your cash expenditures (Banking) by an equal amount. Added together, you are now looking at a 14-20% overall increase that directly affects your bottom line! Like a cash debit card, Members transact business with other Members. The difference is: a cash debit card offers 0% discount versus a barter debit card offers purchasing power through the overall effect of the network - enabling 30-90% discounts! How? When Members utilize their account with a barter network, the net effect (Marketing and Banking - above) enables them to make purchases at what it costs them to generate a retail dollar. In other words, Members buy goods and services at their costs of good/service sold, or still said another way, some Members enjoy buying goods and services as little as 10-70 cents on a dollar. That is profitable! For more Who, What, When Where, How a barter works.